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Welcome to my site.  I hope you find something you like here.



This is me with Rob and Lesa, that is me on the bottom.


Hi, I am Bill, and this is a site that chronicles the skydiving part of my life and the people I have had the pleasure of playing with along the way..  So basically, there are pictures and videos of me and my friends skydiving.  I have met the best people in this sport and highly recommend it.  All you have to do to check it out is turn off your computer and go do it.

I split my time at the Dallas areas two Drop Zones.   I started skydiving at Skydive Dallas  in Whitewright, TX.  I love that place.  Here I am opening above the hanger.  This is Skydive Dallas from the air with me just opening over it.  You land in the hook of the question mark.
Caddo Mills from the air.  The DZ is the building on the right side of the runway. Most Saturdays I am at North Texas Skydiving Center at the Caddo Mills Airport in Caddo Mills, TX.  The Runways form a big triangle.  The Drop Zone is the only building on the right side of the runway in this picture.

Please enjoy the site, comment if you like. 

If I have jumped with you before, Thanks.


P.S. If I have jumped with you before and you don't have pictures on here it is either because you didn't give me pictures or I have just overlooked you.    So...If you have jumped with me and you want me to put a page of you on here, just let me know.

If you wish there were different pictures on your page, just let me know.  if you have jumped with me and have a page here and want it off, let me know.